The Badminton Revenge Tour of Ayano Hanesaki

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The Badminton Revenge Tour of Ayano Hanesaki

right here’s a question for those who have watched the last few episodes of HANEBADO!: has Ayano become a villain? That answer depends on how you view her, the way she’s been portrayed, and your very own subjectivity; to me, Ayano isn’t a villain. certain, she’s undergone a dramatic exchange from the beginning of the sequence, but there had been numerous outside influences to carry her to the place she is nowadays. From being pressured into the badminton membership, having a large number of opponents come returned to declare conflict on her, and having her absentee mother thrown in her face, it’s no wonder Ayano doesn’t care anymore and desires to shut down every person in her route.

Ayano modified to be peaceful, tranquil, and embarking on revenge in opposition t every person that has put her in this position. one of the factors she’s changed is as a result of the manner her outdated opponents put her on a pedestal. Ayano become the baby genius, daughter of a country wide icon, and dominating every person in her path. Her opponents revere her as a god, a monster, and their closing boss. As a child, that category of pressure can also be particularly alienating and with excessive faculty, Ayano was going to ultimately break free. although, she changed into dragged back in.

when we’re first introduced to Ayano, she is tentative about joining a membership and even tries tennis due to her shut friend Elena, however the freedom of 1 racket recreation traps her in an ancient regular one. regardless of multiple situations of not eager to be a part of, she’s peer-compelled by using Elena, Nagisa, and educate Tachibana who just need her as a player. They don’t try to understand why she doesn’t want to join; they simply want her skills. We even gain knowledge of later on that once Ayano changed into dealing with her mom leaving behind her, Elena on no account tried to ask what was contaminated or see why she was upset. Ayano is surrounded by way of americans who don’t want her as a human, but as a commodity.

All of this culminates with Elena confronting Ayano at the Inter-high preliminaries. Elena tells Ayano that she doesn’t like her new angle and disrespectful nature. here’s a scene made to make you empathize with Elena, yet HANEBADO! does it masterfully by way of no longer simplest turning it round on Elena, but also the viewer. The early parts of the series make you worry and sympathize with Ayano, but when she begins her turn, it tries to change you to sympathize with Elena’s be anxious. It’s just not feasible to have both. Ayano throws Elena’s worry again in her face via telling her that she introduced her to the club and her accusations are egocentric, which is fully real. It’s hypocritical no longer simplest for Elena, but for viewers to see that she become forced returned into badminton and then be upset that she’s now not being “respectful”. Ayano has earned each right to be a jerk to a activity that has chewed her up and spit her out perpetually.

The downward spiral for Ayano starts off completely after Connie brags about Uchika saving her and raising her when she’d left Ayano. It’s cruel to peer, mainly after Ayano became starting to find some enjoyment of badminton on her own outside of her mother’s sphere of influence. It’s not except her healthy with Kaoruko that we absolutely see the extent of the new Ayano. Kaoruko inadvertently brings out a darker side of Ayano by means of constantly taunting her with the undeniable fact that she beat her and giving her a handkerchief to “wipe away her tears or snot” after her inevitable loss. That healthy is a deep wound on Ayano’s soul because it’s that loss which makes Uchika depart. If there became ever a time for Ayano to commence her bountiful revenge, Kaoruko is the best opponent.

sports comparable to badminton, where you’re now not teamed up with a different person, are inherently egocentric in nature. It’s just you and your opponent available. regardless of Kitakomachi high being a crew, if Ayano or Nagisa need to be successful, they should do it with their competencies. How they go about though, will also be a bit problematic as these kinds of activities have clashes of ability, vigour, and performance, however also rely heavily on intellectual fortitude. Ayano versus Kaoruko is an excellent instance of this as there are two distinct sets of mind video games being played during this match.

Kaoruko’s gameplan is primary: crush Ayano and prove that she is the advanced athlete. Ayano just wants to embarrass Karoruko. How do you go about making an attempt to grasp in that nature? choose your opponent out of their consolation zone and make them play your vogue, which is precisely what Ayano is capable of do. It also helps that Kaoruko doesn’t stick to her common playstyle and goes out of her approach to do greater to beat Ayano, who in her mind, is a as soon as-in-a-century ability. with the aid of amping up her protection—which is already her amazing suit—and extending out rallies, Ayano is capable of play a stamina video game, forcing Kaoruko to tire out faster and make extra error.

If that had been it, then that in shape might seem heavenly usual in the scope of one-on-one encounters. the primary interval becomes the actual turning aspect of the match as Kaoruko has begun to get some momentum and is lured into a false experience that Ayano is not the identical player as she once become. Kaoruko is able to damage her down mentally, nevertheless it’s Ayano who turns the tables through the use of Kaoruko’s handkerchief to tie her hair up. The relaxation of the healthy is shut on the score sheet, however what we see is Ayano eventually breaking Kaoruko down each bodily and mentally. Ayano wins in straight sets and exercises that loss from her previous, but finally it’s simply one more victory. Kaoruko became “pathetic” and couldn’t even occupy a group off of Ayano. The self belief of the remaining boss of badminton will continue to develop.

Ayano’s subsequent healthy is received by way of forfeit due to damage. The dichotomy of this is that while Ayano is bloodless to her opponent and instantly assumes the healthy is over, she’s saving her opponent. The girl vocally confirms that she thinks she’s pulled her hamstring. If she have been to continue on, there’s the expertise for extra injury and risking your athletic profession. Ayano callously tells her she can’t bewitch during this state, which is correct; the opponent would’ve been taking part in on one leg, if she could play at all. Ayano saves her opponent from herself, which could now and again be the worst enemy for an athlete.

With Kaoruko off her radar, Ayano is left with Connie and Nagisa because the two who have egged her on from her past. through faking out Connie and acting bubbly and charming, Ayano is in a position to crush her after they play and monitor her disapproval of Connie’s purpose to turn into family unit. With the Inter-excessive preliminary finals being Ayano versus Nagisa, it’s incredibly possible that this in shape ends badly for Nagisa. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ayano makes an attempt to goal Nagisa’s knee, akin to the NagisaNozomi suit. Would she go to the extent to conclusion Nagisa’s profession? I’d doubt it, when you consider that she isn’t that really as adversarial as Kaoruko and Connie had been, however she was part of Ayano being pressured again into badminton. Regardless, Nagisa is in the way of Ayano’s goal of crushing every person concerning badminton in her course and he or she’ll do some thing it takes to rob no matter what.

England heroes together with Harry Kane donate total World Cup healthy fees to charity

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The Badminton Revenge Tour of Ayano Hanesaki

ENGLAND’S World Cup heroics have exceeded a six-figure cash increase to charities, The solar can reveal.

Skipper Harry Kane and the squad this week agreed to give up their complete event match prices to decent factors.

:Press association

Harry Kane and Co are donating their suit expenses to charity

The pot of cash earned from successful qualification crusade and shock run the entire solution to the semi finals could be shared among 5 charities.

avid gamers met ahead of final nighttime’s UEFA nations League clash with Spain at Wembley to select who gets their wages – believed to be simply shy of £1million.

the first to acquire a component of the avid gamers’ FA-funded wages could be Honeypot infants’s Charity, while the 4 final charities are being finalised this month.

The London-based charity offers respite breaks and outreach guide toddlers aged five to 12-years-historical who’re carers for his or her fogeys.

AP:linked Press

Kane is offered his World Cup Golden Boot by using Gareth Southgate at Wembley ahead of the two-1 defeat to Spain

Simmi Woodwal, Chief govt, The Honeypot little ones’s Charity, mentioned: “The help that The Honeypot babies’s Charity gets from the britain Footballers foundation is nothing short of incredible.

“We had been delighted to be chosen as one of the vital charities for you to receive a generous donation during the England gamers’ match fees from the recent World Cup campaign.

“easily put, this money could have a transformative effect on the work that we do everyday and impact positively on the lives of tons of of young children and those that they look after.

“At Honeypot, children are on the coronary heart of every thing that we do and we strive to deliver the best possible care and support to as many youngsters as viable.

– Contributor

Southgate’s heroes did the country proud in Russia

“although, in the current local weather, charities like us face huge fundraising challenges, to be able to be helped in this way is simply astonishing – the money that the britain avid gamers are donating may be our lifeblood.

“The whole nation became so happy with Gareth and the boys on the recent World Cup, and rightly so, however we should still all be equally as happy with the vastly important work that the squad do off the pitch.”

England’s surprising run – together with three knockout games earlier than the third and fourth vicinity playoff – meant even more cash turned into earned for decent reasons.

Senior players led with the aid of skipper Kane are understood to have together chosen the beneficiaries.

This week is the first time they have got been again together given that the Russia campaign.

French World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe introduced his payment will go to charity – but the England 23-man squad’s charges dwarf that of the Paris St German striker.

Three Lions gamers had been donating their fees allotted by means of the britain soccer foundation EFF in view that 2007 and gave now raised £5.5m for charities.

The CEOs of the 4 closing charities are expected to log out the donations in coming weeks.

A EFF spokesman spoke of: “It’s some thing the players pick a really keen activity in.”

Paul Daugherty: Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson on pay-per-view is greater about greed than golf

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Dell technologies Championship Tee times: When to look Tiger Woods At TPC Boston

Paul Daugherty: Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson on pay-per-view is greater about greed than golf

Paul Daugherty, EnquirerDoc published 5:16 p.m. ET Aug. 27, 2018

Two of the largest names in golf will rectangular off on Thanksgiving weekend when,The healthy” takes area between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Time

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on the first tee throughout the primary round of The avid gamers Championship golf event at TPC Sawgrass – Stadium course. Peter Casey-country these days sports

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are playing a winner-choose-all, pay-per-view exhibition in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend, for $9 million. i used to be in opposition t it except I heard each have agreed to donate the whole winner’s check to charity. And that each is putting up $9 mil of his personal cash.

Wait, what? That’s no longer genuine? Any of it?

well something, certainly not mind.

In studying the entire informationhype experiences that have accompanied this bare-greed grab – “enjoyable’’ and “different’’ and “anything that’s not ever been finished earlier than’’– a few words by no means came up.




So let’s be honest right here. This isn’t golf. It’s vaudeville. It’s an exhibition hosted by way of a couple core-aged players, ruined finery basically, seeking a method to make some huge cash for doing nearly nothing.

Excuse me. That’s now not correct. Phil says it’s a way to.”pass all of the ancillary stuff of a event and simply go to a head-to-head.”

Of direction. Why hassle making a reduce or contending on Sunday or, you be aware of, in reality successful an adventure if you can scrap all that ancillary stuff and get appropriate to the making-millions part?

cash for nothing. Chipshots without charge.

at the start, the payout become going to be $10 million, however the PGA objected. It didn’t want a phony-baloney exhibition paying the identical funds the Tour can pay the winner of the FedEx Cup playoffs.

So, a mere $9 million.

at least now we comprehend why Tiger and Phil have pretended to be buds recently observe rounds collectively on the Masters and Firestone and why Mickelson simply final week decided to create a Twitter fable.

quickly adequate, every might be hurling pseudo insults on the other, hoping to pump the pay-per-view:

“Your argyle socks are a joke!’’

“I might beat you with historical Tom Morris’ niblick and spoon!”

“You’re… you’re… a Democrat!’’

truth is, they may assume or depart one a further if they weren’t unexpectedly partners in flim-flammery. And as a good deal as we tried to create a rivalry between them, there in no way become one. Tiger owned Phil. They both knew it. Woods: seventy nine Tour wins, 14 most important titles; Phil, 43 and 5.

For the record, Woods net value rested at $740 million on the end of 2016, in line with Forbes. Mickelson checked in at a hand-to-mouth $375 million. In 2016 alone, Mickelson pulled in $50 million from endorsements. Phil – mouthpiece for Callaway, Barclays, KPMG, Exxon Mobil, Rolex and Amgen – is greater company than a repp tie. meantime, might be Tiger can roll in to Vegas in one of these Buicks he favored so lots. young Tiger Woods, in a Buick. appropriate.

it’s handy to look why neither man is anxious to part with just a few dimes for charity.

We don’t comprehend yet how much could be charged the regular fan to clog the pockets of Tiger or Phil – one document has it at $24.ninety nine – but Tiger assured us it’ll all be heavenly.

537b8e177194328d2e5b32778e359600,I think they could manage to pay for it,’’ determined Woods, whose early profession blanketed a vast acceptance for stiffing restaurant servers. “You comprehend, how again and again have we all purchased fights, no matter if it be MMA or boxing, some thing it may be?’’

during this corner, zero. Zero times.

The difference is, MMA and prize fights are official forms of competition. some thing is on the road. during this factor, you either make $9 mil or depart on the $740 million horse you rode in on.

greater Doc: ‘Hardface’ movie tells the chronicle of Cincinnati, American boxing.

greater Doc: it be complicated to get too worked up over urban Meyer circumstance

extra Doc: Bengals want greater than lineman Cordy Glenn to give protection to Andy Dalton

As a very little kid, I watched bits of Shell’s extraordinary World of Golf on NBC on Saturday afternoons. It showcased greats comparable to Jack Nicklaus and Sam Snead, enjoying a in shape. Golf definitely is first rate at producing head-to-head drama. The change then became, no one was paying to watch it on his Philco “tv set’’ at home. And the participants weren’t making more in a day than Harry Hacker makes in a lifetime.

The prototype for this Thanksgiving weekend turkey was the Showdown at Sherwood in 1999. It featured Woods and David Duval in primetime on ABC. The winner received $1.1 million, the loser $400.”000. Woods and Duvall every agreed to donate $200,000 to charity.

This ain’t that.

Phil likes to gamble. Why shouldn’t his bookie or his guy or whoever arrive on the direction with a briefcase full of Grover Clevelands? Woods might offer up the crimson slip to his yacht. i might pay to see that.

Failing that, the Octagon would do.

Tiger Woods talks activities, no longer politics. good!

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Dell technologies Championship Tee times: When to look Tiger Woods At TPC Boston

Tiger Woods talks activities, no longer politics. good!

Tiger Woods actually messed up this time.

No, I’m no longer speakme about missing all those putts and finishing tied for 40th area Sunday within the Northern trust tournament.

afterward, Woods declined to weigh in on Donald Trump, immigration, race members of the family, abortion rights, NAFTA or the G7 Summit.

thanks, Tiger.

I used to consider athletes should still be greater outspoken about warm issues. specifically influential athletes like Woods, who has committed his profession to robotically reciting vanilla solutions on all subject matters.

but now that you could’t get far from politics. It’s viewed as a moral obligation for jocks to take stands or knees.

That’s a problem as a result of activities are supposed to an entertaining get away. That doesn’t suggest athletes shouldn’t communicate out. let them tweet and protest and pose all they want about whatever moves them.

I simply wish they’d do it on their personal time like everyone else is expected to do.

Being the staid historic pursuit it’s, golf is not conducive to on-course protests. There is not any countrywide anthem to kneel to, now not that almost all PGA Tour participants would.

If a golfer desires to get political, they do it when cameras and microphones are of their faces. So when Woods finished play Sunday, a reporter asked Woods to describe his relationship with the president.

Translation: Please rip Trump.

“He’s the president of the united states,” Woods mentioned. “You need to appreciate the workplace. No remember who’s in office, you may additionally like, dislike personality or the politics, however we all should recognize the office.”

The reporter continued, however Woods stayed in vanilla mode. He finally just mentioned he turned into hungry and desired to head eat lunch.

That precipitated the common renting of media garments.

timber lives in a bubble. Woods chooses company over sense of right and wrong. Woods wears a MAGA hat around his mansion.

“i’m angry at what Tiger pointed out,” bellowed ESPN gasbag Max Kellerman.

He probably obtained angrier when Trump tweeted that Woods refused to bewitch the bait from the “fake media.”

All of which is what Woods was attempting to prevent. In our hyper-polarized Trumpian Age, there isn’t any center ground.

If he’d pointed out he didn’t like Trump’s immigration policies, it could had been the lead story on newscasts and web sites across the country, if no longer the area.

And he’d been hated by hundreds of thousands of Trump enthusiasts.

If he’d noted he admired Trump’s brief game and tax reductions, it will had been an immense story and millions of Trump haters would have destroyed him.

underneath that robot exterior, Woods needs to be asking why so many individuals care what he thinks.

He’s a golfer, not a gubernatorial candidate or television pundit or a theologian.

He definitely has his opinions. So does my dentist, but she doesn’t suppose the deserve to burden me with them as she inspects my molars.

I wouldn’t want her to due to the fact I’m procuring a checkup, not a lecture. Woods knows fanatics are paying to look him golf, not share his strategies on global warming.

It’s generally the media death to see him stroll that plank, although now not all media. I guarantee you most journalists were going to ask him about his true job on Sunday.

One man wanted a headline and tried to turn a routine publish-round press conference into “Meet the click.”

Woods wasn’t biting, and now he’s supposedly the putrid man.

might be he’s in reality just a sports fan and respects that workplace.

He is aware of there are a whole lot of problems obtainable, however he’d want to get away them for a few hours each weekend.

I don’t know about you, but i would like an occasional damage from the Trump demonstrate. I’m comfortable Woods is trying to deliver it.

David Whitley is a member of our community Conversations crew. He can be reached at dwhitleyorlandosentinelm